The 10 Greatest Games to Gift your Partner this Holiday Season!

Like it or not, the holidays are coming, and you better start thinking about how to show your partner you care! And what’s better than sharing a game together and working towards a common goal? Now’s the time to check out this list, especially since Black Friday sales are already on the horizon! Hopefully these amazing games will be on sale, and on your list! Here’s our list of the 10 greatest games to gift your partner this holiday season!

10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

This new release is the latest in a long-running series of first person shooters. If you’re into action and semi-realistic shooters then this may be the game for you. Say what you want about CoD, there’s a reason that it’s done well: it’s just plain fun. This shooter is, as the name implies, more focused on a modern setting. While CoD has delved into historical wars as well as futuristic gameplay, this installment takes it back to what many consider the golden age of the series.

It isn’t a remake though: this is a new game with new maps, and a very new feel. If you want to team up with your loved one and enjoy some fast-paced, competitive gameplay, you may want to stop right here and take the plunge.

9. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

If you never got over your Pokemon GO phase, bring it home with you and try out this charming retelling of the original Pokemon Red and Blue, this time on a console! Whether your partner is a longtime Pokemon fan, or they used to be into it as a kid, this game manages to feel nostalgic while still being a modern addition to the Pokemon fandom.

You can capture Pokemon that actively walk around the world, and even ride your favourites! And better yet, this game has an amazing co-op, so you and your partner can work side by side, catching your favourites. If you’re a big fan of RPGs and cute animals, this may be the one for you!

8. Monster Hunter World

Sure, you can play this with people online, but co-op with your favourite person allows Monster Hunter World to really shine. Imagine hunting some gigantic, fantastical beasts, bringing them down just the two of you, and collecting rare materials and weapons together. This isn’t just a hack and slash though: you two will have to work together, and maybe grab some friends to join too, in order to bring down some of this game’s hardest foes.

You’re going to have to learn the enemies you’re hunting, and come up with strategies to defeat them. But that only makes the payoff more satisfying. If you’re looking for a game to play longer term and don’t mind a bit of a grind to get the best weapons, then this one has a lot of potential for you. Check it out, as well as its frosty new expansion Iceborne if you agree!

7. Destiny 2

This sci fi MMO is not brand new, but the developers are always bringing out content that keeps it fresh. Destiny can be a little bit of a grind, like any MMO, to level up and to get gear, but it also offers a vast array of possibilities for players. You can stick to doing story missions together, or you can team up with some other friends and do some of the fast-paced raids. There is even PVP, allowing you to test your mettle against other players.

This variety gives it an edge on others games, since it’s a lot easier to decide what to do. If you’re sick of one aspect of the game, try another, and keep it fresh. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Destiny 2 has something to offer you.

6. The Division 2

This post-apocalyptic shooter is a great option for co-op play, and the gameplay is also improved from its predecessor.  Some of the frustrating issues with the first game were fixed, making this all-around a better game.

All in all, it’s simple but very fun. The guns just feel good, and the AI is good enough to give you a challenge without becoming frustrating. Get together with your partner and some other friends and take Washington DC back!

That, of course, is just the story. If you’re feeling competitive, and you’re all geared up, hop into pvp and defend the city from other players! If you’re a competitive gamer who likes a bit of pve as well as pvp, then check out The Division 2 as a great option!

5. Overcooked 2

This charming game offers online and local multiplayer, so no matter where you are, you and your loved one can get cooking. The premise of Overcooked is you need to make meals, and get them out to your customers, but from there it can get incredibly hectic.

This is a great game for players who enjoy a fast-paced game, but maybe aren’t big on shooters. This is also a great game for less experienced gamers trying to get their feet wet.  Or maybe you’re just tired of all the hyper-competitive pvp, and want to find a game that helps you unwind. Try something different, and maybe make it a double date with your other favourite couple, since Overcooked 2 offers multiplayer with up to four people!

What are you waiting for, check this one out! You won’t be disappointed.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

If you’re into a little bit of chaos, there’s no better game for you than Grand Theft Auto Online! Team up with your partner and some other friends in this open world game, and live a little crazy. You can do heists to earn cash, or do other missions that will earn you money. And with that, you can deck out your hideout and vehicle, on top of acquiring better weapons.

There’s some soft pvp as well, as if you choose, you can just be in an open world with other people, so be careful. Sometimes in the wilds of GTA 5 online, it’s blow up or be blown up.

Not for newer gamers, this is still a great option for those who like to get into some trouble without ever leaving their home!

3. Stardew Valley

This adorable farming game has become incredibly popular, and for good reason. It’s a charming game with a lot of heart, and it’s also incredibly addictive. And since it now has multiplayer, it’s a great choice. You and your partner can work together to build your farm, collect materials, fight foes in the mines, or simply make friends with the townspeople.

The co-op of Stardew Valley does a great job of balancing all these different aspects. You can work at the same task together, which has its benefits. Some of the combat near the end of the game can be very high-risk, but high-reward, so it’s much safer to have your partner there watching your back.

But, if you’d rather go fishing or give some presents to your townspeople, both players can also do completely separate things, and travel to different parts of the world without issue. Stardew Valley offers a great sense of ‘big-picture’ cooperation, with both parties working towards a single goal, but potentially in vastly different ways. So use your strengths and your partner’s in order to create the best farm possible in Stardew Valley!

2. Borderlands 3

This long-running series has made a name for itself thanks to its cell-shaded art style and boisterous sense of humour. There’s something great about sharing a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and also has the benefit of being wildly fun.

This is a first person shooter with an absurd amount of weapons, all of which have different effects depending completely on chance.  This allows you to be flexible with your playstyle, or change it depending on your enemy. On top of that, since there are also several completely distinct character classes, there’s also a lot of flexibility, and tons of potential for group synergy.

Go face off against some bosses, or laugh your way through some quests solo if you feel like, but co-op in this game is even better. No matter where you are in a quest, your partner can join you, and drops are scaled so you’ll both be able to get good rewards for your effort.

1. Dragon Quest Builders 2

This game is like a mix between a classic RPG adventure and Minecraft. You can collect materials, build awesome towns, and then work to defend them against an evil that has left this world suffering. No matter what kind of game you’re into, Dragon Quest Builders 2 likely has something for you, and it’s that wide variety that makes it a great choice to play with a partner.

Go collect some materials while your partner does some building, or fight off foes together and protect what you’ve both created together. The RPG aspects are very strong too: you can level up your towns and improve them, so they won’t be as vulnerable while you’re off exploring. You can run, glide, and swim all around to explore this expansive world, and build whatever you can come up, wherever you want. Combining the fast-paced combat with the relaxing atmosphere of building also makes this game great for newer players, or ones who aren’t super competitive.

Don’t wait: your chance to get some Black Friday deals is coming soon, and the holidays aren’t far behind. These games are a mix of the old and new, but all of them have something to offer you!

We’re pretty sure we got it right, but do you have other ideas? Find a different game to play with your partner? Let us know what we missed in the comments, and then get to playing!

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