The 10 Most Surprising Pokemon Removed from Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you’re a Pokemon fan, it’s been nearly impossible to miss the massive backlash Gamefreak has received recently thanks to what fans have termed ‘Dexit’. This has only worsened after a recent revealed that the Pokedex of over 800 Pokemon has been culled all the way down to 400. For a series that liked to talk about ‘catching them all’ it seems like an odd choice, but besides that, some absolute fan favorites are conspicuously missing!  

What are the most surprising removals from Pokemon Sword and Shield? Here’s our list. 

10: Zubat 

Maybe this one will be a bit of a relief for players tired of seeing this bat in every cave in every game, but Zubat has been annoying us since the beginning. And there’s a sense of nostalgia for that. No matter which Pokemon game was your first (Except, famously, Pokemon Black and White of course), you remember your first Zubat encounter. And the second, often occurring directly after the first. 

A sensation familiar to every player: walk into a dark cave, eager to progress and find new Pokemon, and then sigh as you get pulled into a battle screen. 

It was Zubat. It was always Zubat. 

Now who is it going to be? Who will be the loveable annoyance in Galar? Sword and Shield is truly uncharted territory. 

9. Stoutland 

Galar is very famously based upon England, so of course Stoutland, the Big-Hearted Pokemon based on a Yorkshire terrier is going to be there, happily bounding through the fields! Right? 

Nope, Stoutland and his adorable doggy pre-evolutions are not making it across the border. This one just seems like an odd thematic choice. I mean, who’s going to herd all those adorable Wooloo, or charm us with its serious-yet-adorable expression? Maybe a new Pokemon will fit the bill, but one thing is certain: There’s going to be a Stoutland-shaped hole in the hearts of everyone looking forward to having this faithful companion by their sides. 

8. Volcarona 

This dual bug and fire type first appeared in Pokemon Black and White, and has been making waves since. Even with its awful 4x weakness to the very common rock type, became quite a powerhouse in the competitive scene. But sadly for this giant moth, you can’t Bug Buzz your way into the Galar region though, no matter how many times you Quiver Dance. 

With its unique design and cool typing, this Bug will be missed. Or, maybe not, considering there’s at least one leaked Pokemon that seems to be intended as its replacement. That’s gotta sting! 

7. Mareep 

Maybe this isn’t a shock, considering that this adorable little sheep’s replacement Wooloo has immediately been heralded as SwSh’s newest adorable pokemon. But its precursor, the sweet electric sheep, has been a mainstay in the series since Pokemon Gold and Silver, charming us all with his static-ridden fluff. His evolutions Flaafy and Ampharos have also been axed of course, so say goodbye to a very popular electric type teammate. And of course, since mega evolutions have also been completely removed, Mega Ampharos’ luscious locks and Dragon typing are also now a thing of the past. 

All in all, whether you liked cute little Mareep or charming Ampharos, you’re going to be feeling very lost in Galar. 

6. Metagross 

This Psychic and Steel powerhouse first appeared as the Hoenn champion’s signature Pokemon, and has remained popular since. What’s not to like about a floating four-legged monstrosity with very interesting typing?  

Well, if the leaks are accurate, Metagross simply did not make the cut. Even with skin made out of steel, that’s incredibly harsh. 

5. Greninja 

This super slick frog made it into more than one Super Smash Brothers game, but not the first mainline Pokemon game for console! This one’s also especially surprising, because Greninja is a fan favorite, in both North America and Japan. But then again, none of the starters from any generation survived the trip to Galar according to the leaks. With one very obvious exception, of course. (Hint: Charizard). 

Competitive players are going to be feeling the pain too, as Greninja was a popular and adaptive choice, able to be played as a physical or a special attacker. On top of that, his interesting hidden ability Protean allowed him to be both offensive and defensive, changing his type depending on what move he used.  

Hope no one got too used to seeing his Water Shuriken decimating his enemies, because Greninja has to sit this one out. 

4. Marill 

This buoyant water type has been popular since he floated into existence with Pokemon Gold and Silver. He’s cute, round, and even got an adorable pre-evolution in the next generation. And then, even better, when Fairy type was introduced, Marill got that added to his resume, giving it even better typing!  

What’s not to love? Well, apparently something’s wrong with this cutie, because it’s nowhere to be seen in Galar. And of course, neither are its evolutions. Azumarill is a popular Pokemon in the competitive scene as well, thanks to its great ability and typing. Boasting both good power and good bulk, it was common to see the dual Water and Fairy type on a variety of teams. But not anymore, so here’s hoping Galar has a lot of cute options for players to get over the loss. 

3. Alakazam 

This psychic-type fox was one of the strongest Pokemon in the very first game, due to some in-game mechanics being different back then. Without Dark type to block it, and with stats operating differently, Alakazam was an absolute beast in the game. Many long-time players have fond memories of this absolutely overpowered Pokemon in their very first game. 

Pokemon has been balanced better since its first iteration, but Alakazam remains a top competitor, even more so since Mega-Alakazam was added in Pokemon XY. But all good things have to come to an end, and Alakazam will not be teleporting into Galar.  

2: Dragonite 

Dragonite is very first dragon type in Pokemon, and also the first to be dubbed a ‘pseudo-legendary’ due to its high stats and great defensive typing. Dragons were only weak to other Dragons and Ice types back then, and with limited movepools, Dragonite could go about his business nearly unchecked.  

But even with these credentials, and a Kanto passport, Dragonite just didn’t make it. Its cute and graceful pre-evolutions have also been cut of course, so here’s hoping no one was too attached to this Dragon type.  

1. Squirtle

This cool turtle has been around from the very beginning, and he’s also one of the original three starter Pokemon! The starter rivalry has been going strong since the release of Pokemon Red and Blue way back in 1998, but sorry Squirtle, it looks like you didn’t make the cut. And just to add insult to injury, Gamefreak was happy to show off Charizard’s shiny new Dynamax form, while his long-time water type nemesis isn’t even going to be making an appearance. Ouch! 

It’s never fun to lose, but don’t worry Squirtle, your diehard fans won’t forget you! (Hopefully). 

When you’re losing 400 Pokemon, it’s really hard to just pick 10. None of the generations were spared, from first to seventh, the losses come from all over. Do you agree with this list of the most surprising Pokemon removed from Sword and Shield? Or is there another absence that you feel more? Let us know, and share some thoughts! 

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